The 5 Most Important Things You Can Do to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

The 5 Most Important Things You Can Do to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Keep your cat healthy, groomed, and nourished. These five basic techniques can help you keep your cat healthy and happy for many years.

Cat Brush

1. Brush your cat often; you'll find that most cats like the experience.
Natural deodorants and washing components in saliva help keep cats clean, but they still need a little assistance from time to time. Bathing is encouraged by some but this is entirely up to you, and it may be heavily influenced by the cat's level of cooperation. Only use a cat shampoo and warm water if you prefer to bathe your cat. Brushing, however, is the finest way to aid your cat with its grooming. Cats have hairballs because of too much hair in their coats. Keeping your cat's hair tangle-free is crucial. 

Cat Water Fountain

2. Cats like their water fresh and clean. 
Multiple bowls of fresh, clean water should be provided. Water that stagnates gets contaminated with food particles and bacteria. Maintain clean bowls and refill them twice daily or each time you feed your cat. Do not use plastic dishes. The plastic may leak chemicals or detergent into the water, imparting an unpleasant flavour. Bowls made of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel are favoured. You may purchase water fountains that supply filtered, running water to your cat.

Cat Vet

3. Keep in mind that your cat will need immunizations and a wellness exam every year.
Periodic cat wellness exams may help you discover problems early on, rather than wait until they become major health issues. You may get a diagnosis and treatment plan for any issues that are discovered during the test. Preventing problems and learning more about your cat's health may both be achieved via this method. You should also make sure that your new cat has been spayed or neutered before bringing it into your home. The sooner your veterinarian can detect any medical issues with your cat, the less money you'll have to spend down the road. Prevention is better than cure!

 Catnip Toys

4. Your cat's basic needs.
Your cat has certain needs, some of which include food, water, litter box, bowls, carriers, identification collars, and microchips (especially if your cat spends time outside.) Although they spend a lot of time napping, cats are quite active when they are not eating or sleeping. They spend their time playing. Your cat may practice its hunting abilities, maintain its fitness level, and prevent itself from becoming bored while you're gone by playing with toys. Multi-coloured threads, catnip toys, balls, or a laser pointer are all examples of excellent toys.

Cat Litter Box

5. A clean litter box helps keep a cat's mind and body in good shape.
Cats are very clean, so it should come as no surprise that their litter box has to be clean as well. If it's not clean, they might go somewhere else. A good litter that can be scooped out makes it easy to clean every day. And if you clean your cat's litter box every day, you can keep an eye on his or her health for early warning signs like urinating more often than usual, a change in smell, or blood in the urine. This way, you can take care of any problems right away. A healthy cat relies on a clean litter box to keep disease at bay.

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